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We do not work alone and, alongside the generous support we receive from our donors, we also partner with several corporate, humanitarian and aid agencies, to support the cause. 

If you're part of an organisation that would like to assist our efforts, please reach out via our 'Contact' section, here.

Plast Lviv Ukraine Support
Legal Advice Ukraine

Ukraine Advice Project

The Ukraine Advice Project UK is a group of volunteer legal professionals providing legal advice on immigration, Visas and asylum to Ukrainian citizens


Google For Nonprofits

Helping us to spread the word about the Foundation, engage new supporters and fundraise, on a global platform 



Providing FREE access to all Ukrainian refugees, with lessons in over 60 languages 

Rapid Response Ukraine Support
Supply Ukraine Ukraine Support


Providing technical, financial and volunteering support, Smallpdf has been outsize in its contribution to our Foundation. Providing at every level, its humanitarian contrubution matches its dominance in managing the world’s PDF challenges!


Lorne Restaurant

A modern British restaurant in the heart of London supporting our cause and also offering employment to refugees that wish to work in the catering sector

Gofundme Ukraine Support


Not just an important fundraising platform for the Foundation, the Gofundme Charity has generously donated to our relief efforts


International Legion for the Territorial Defense of Ukraine

Assistance with the delivery of their purchaased equipment, to the front line



Dedicated to providing transportation for refugees from Ukraine. Israel4Ukraine organises 

evacuation buses from major cities in the Ukrainian war zone to the Polish border


Voices Of Children

Founded in 2015, the charity provides

psychological help to the children and parents that suffered from war, along with acommodation and relocation assistance


Mission: Joy - Finding Happiness in Troubled Times

The film was screened for 72 hours for all donors to the targeted campaign, with  all proceeds going to the Foundation

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